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      Night markets in Wuhan

        The night markets are some of the most lively and energetic places in Wuhan. As soon as the sun goes down, the night markets emerge; they are noisy and full of life. These markets are a major part of Wuhan's night scene.

        The number of sizable night markets, each of which is packed with more than one hundred stands, is around 20. They attract mothers, the primary consumers, as well as young girls and boys. These places are exciting and definitely worth checking out.



        1. Baocheng Road night market


        The 700-meter-long night market, which was once Jianghan Road night market, is usually packed with about 400 stands. It has a history of more than 20 years; it has withstood the test of time. Many of the sellers here are young and fashionable.

        Commodities: food, clothes, cosmetics, gadgets, toys, etc.

        Location: Baocheng Road night market, Jianghan District, between Zhongshan Avenue and Xunlimen Station, Metro Line 1 (江岸區保成路夜市,北起輕軌一號線循禮門站,南至中山大道)

        2. Wangjiawan night market(王家灣夜市)

        This is a market that is located in a 2,000-square-meter open space, is packed with more than 400 stands; it is at the back of the Homemart in Wangjiawan. By 7 P.M., in spring, buyers have already started to fill the area. Compared with other markets, this one is filled with surprises; it features interesting items for low prices. If you can endure the crowds, you will definitely be able to find something you like. Once you realize that you can find a new style for less than RMB 150, you may never want to leave.

        Commodities: clothes, everyday items

        Location: Homemart, Wangjiawan, T1 Hangyang Avenue, Hanyang District (漢陽區漢陽大道特1號王家灣好美家賣場)

        3. Huquan night market (虎泉夜市)

        It is the largest night market in Wuchang. The sellers are both students and white-collar workers. Many of the buyers come from the nearby colleges and universities, as well as the neighboring residential areas. The inexpensive items reflect the current trends and fads. Here, you can find a lovely purse for RMB 10 or a leather bag for a little over RMB 100. There are a lot of great bargains here.

        Commodities: food and drinks, trendy clothes, hats and shoes

        Location: 1-F10 Zhuodaoquan South Road, Hongshan District (洪山區卓刀泉南路1號附10)

        4. Dacheng Road night market(大成路夜市)

        This market is a favorite among college students. Students and some white-collar workers come here for the shopping and the entertaining events that are regularly held near the entrance to Dacheng Road. Unlike Baocheng Road, the walkway between the stands is quite wide, so buyers can amble and browse comfortably. Although many of the stands cater to students, you can find all sorts of things here. Everything from phone accessories to clothing can be found here. You just have to see it for yourself.

        Commodities: phone accessories, clothes, general trinkets

        Location: Minzhu Road, Simenkou, Wuchang District (武昌區民主路司門口)

        5. Beihu night market

        Close to the CBD on Jianshe Avenue, this market attracts the office workers who are interested in a late supper and a little shopping after work. The market is famous for the imported fruit, like delicious red apples, black plums, Chinese cherries, Brazilian oranges, and Sunkist oranges. All of these can be found along the street.

        As for the clothes and accessories, bargain hunters can expect to find something really nice if they are look carefully.

        Commodities: imported fruits, clothes, accessories

        Location: Beihuzheng Street, Jianghan District (江漢區北湖正街)

        6. Qingshan night market(青山夜市)

        If you are looking for an atmosphere that is family-oriented, go to the Qingshan Hongfangzi (Red House) night market. Almost any kind of household items can be found here. This market has everything from everyday necessities to pets, from food to furniture. They are simple things, but they help make a house into a home.

        Commodities: everyday necessities, furniture, food

        Location: Honggangcheng, Qingshan District (青山區紅鋼城青山夜市)

        7. Luxiang pedestrian bridge night market(魯巷廣場天橋夜市)

        Just before sunset, on the bridge near Luxiang Plaza, someone will come out and present their wares on a large piece of cloth spread out on the ground. In a very short period of time, there will be 50 such sellers out on the 100-meter bridge. Compared with other markets, this one is the least formal. It can hardly be called a market. Still, those who love the night markets will still enjoy this one.

        Commodities: accessories, small items

        Location: Luxiang Plaza pedestrian bridge, 726 Luoyu Road, Wuchang District(武昌區珞瑜路726號魯巷廣場天橋)


        1. Always keep your bag in front of you and keep an eye on it. Don't put your phone or wallet in your pant pockets or in your outer jacket pockets.

        2. Compare the quality and prices for the thing you want. Be sure to bargain for it.

        3. Buy in bulk with friends and you can get more of a discount.

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